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Modern lighting fixtures have been more than just a prop, it also became the home of an important ornament. Today, many lamps inspired by the natural or life in many items, these whimsical designs for life to add a lot of fun!

With cappuccino-inspired Coffee-Cappuccino Lamp

The newly introduced by the Italian Vesoi ceramic lamps Series Coffee-Cappuccino Lamp for Italian designer Mario De Rosa's creativity, inspired by a cup of cappuccino. Cup diameter of 12 or 15 cm, color white, orange and blue, not only chandeliers, wall lamps and lamps as well.

Lamps have two sizes, large or small, while customers can choose your bulb shape: A ball is similar to ice cream, and another they seem cappuccino milk top layer of white foam. Whether the kitchen or restaurant, or even in a cafe or bar, this series of lamps can bring a trace of fun to the space.

Friends With You's Healing lamps Into the Clouds

U.S. FOX TV cartoon channel production building recently invited Friends With You Miami arts organizations to design indoor lighting decoration "Into the Clouds." In the ceiling hangs a five cloud shape chandelier. Each chandelier all have a smile, when the guests will be on the line when the five stairs clouds welcomed with a smile, very cute.

Friend With You was founded in 2002, surrounded by art installations preach "magic, luck and friendship" message, while this theme is using clouds their signature for.

Japanese geisha lamp Juuyo typical style of modern Japan

Juuyo geisha lamp is a designer Lorenza Bozzoli in 2013 for the Dutch furniture brand moooi design of a highly creative decorative lamps. Inspired by the Japanese geisha hairstyle, with a soft shape, elegant prints and bright colors to express the essence of the cultural heritage of the East. There are two styles of this chandelier, koi pattern with peach illustrator, two chandeliers have demonstrated a pattern typical Japanese style, but also gives the fixture an interesting, modern texture.

Moooi Dutch design brand name itself comes from the Dutch "Beautiful" (mooi), adding an extra letter o, meaning that more then one minute beauty. Founder of the Dutch top names star designer Marcel Wanders, he founded moooi is intended for creative designers to provide a place with logical thinking.

Bewildering Mist Mist Chandelier

The ever-changing scenery of nature always intoxicating, not only because of its rich colors, with a landscape under different weather also brought different feelings fascinating. By the Czech designer Jitka Kamencova Skuhrava the Czech manufacturer of glass lighting chandeliers Lasvit design Mist, Misty brought the poetic nature, into the home chandelier designs.

Designers will be a hand-made piece of opal glass, with a stainless steel wire to link up, when covered with a large ceiling when there seems like a mist-like, with a worn but they seem to see can not see Through charm.

In addition, because the mist never space limitations, so the size of the Mist and no special provisions for different sizes according custom home design, this piece blurred haze appeared in different ways among the home .

Ren-Wil Inc Ren-Wil London LPT236 Table Lamp - 26H in. Silver Leaf
Lighting (Ren-Wil Inc)
  • Cutout metal base with silver leaf finish
  • Linen shade in off-white
  • Triple action tri-light socket with switch
  • Requires 150-watt bulb
  • Overall dimensions: 19L x 11W x 26H in.
2011-11-17 15:44:52 by -

Finessing what you already have

The first suggestion I would make is to stop buying so much black and dark furniture. You've got enough. Start mixing in some lighter colors and larger, less traditional rugs.
Think about an armoir or cabinet that is painted or limewashed wood ( pale gray) for the foyer. For the table underneath the chandelier you bought, make it something unexpected. A new texture or one that is lacquered a color. The house is crying for color.
Bold patterns in rugs and accessories will help much more than lighting at this point. YOu need bigger rugs. The furniture looks like it barely fits on the ones there

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Ott-Lite Ott-lite Natural Daylight Makeup Mirror, White/Chrome (26 Watt)
Beauty (Ott-Lite)
  • Dual sided mirror features 5x/1x magnification. perfect for up-close tweezing and nail polish application
  • Blend foundation, eye shadows, blush and more with mistake proof lighting ? see true makeup shades, skin tones and much more!
  • Match clothing and accessories perfectly ? even colors like black, brown and blue
  • Gentle on the eyes ? no harsh shadows, reduces glare
  • Includes two ottlite 13 watt type e bulbs

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