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Random pile of old factory lights now are more than pure handmade Murano chandeliers cool? In the restaurant seemed Indeed, where the old and antique factory lights with sea salt and hand-made, like bread, seems to have become commonplace things.

In the newly opened five-star Amsterdam hotel conservatory (Conservatorium Hotel)'s Tunes restaurants, old-fashioned black scissors-shaped lights hanging in different heights to the top of the sheets of the table; hotel in east London City Hall (Town Hall Hotel) The Corner Room Restaurant , old-fashioned boat lamp hanging rope lights of varying lengths with, a group of three black scissors shaped lights hanging in the restaurant center, purported tree chandelier purposes.

"Today's restaurant, old-fashioned plant lights everywhere, " Talenia Phua Gajardo said he is Singapore architectural firm Makemei two one of the partners, Makemei due to the Town Hall Hotel into the industrial loft interior design and win a number of design awards. "This decorative actually exceeded the original limits, but our customers like to use plant lights (either old-fashioned or modern lamp antique lamps) to decorate their homes."

Berlin Shopping Original boss Las retro design • Terry Shi (Lars Triesch) said that the trend of indoor plant lights decoration can be traced back to the late 1960s and the late 1970s, when advocates advocating loft over plant life, let the initial lighting equipment intact. At that time, the use of these lights are not for aesthetic reasons, but more for solving the practical needs of a huge space lighting. • Wu Gula interior designer Patricia (Patricia Urquiola) I deeply feel the same: "I designed a large space, and when the light source body to become an integral part of decorating ideas, while she herself will tend to use plant lights." She and lighting company Flos work together to develop a contemporary floor lamp with tree lights.

Today, the demand for household antique lamp factory is very busy, Terry Shi Gang and Lira • Sea Wenzel (Leela Heitzer) set up a new lighting company. Sea Wenzel in "Inglourious Basterds" (Inglourious Basterds), including multiple videos, when Guo electrician, has been in the collection of the 1920s and 1930s studio, theaters and operating room lights. He explained that these special lenses from the old-fashioned lamp made of hundreds of small mirrors, reflecting and radiating light particularly hot. In order to recover their production of the new lamp out of a similar effect in Kreuzberg (Kreuzberg) in the factory, the sea Wenzel metal printing machine to manufacture light lens, this plant was the middle of last century produce disc Satellite TV antenna, now these retro-type new lamp cost between € 395 and € 30, 000 between.

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Used to make them in college for extra money

Lamp shades are pretty easy if you have a little handy and crafty. I used to live in a building in college that the bottom floor was a dry cleaner and the old lady that owned it used to give me wire hangers.
You want to use the lighter weight ones for shirts. Use wire cutters to cut the wire. check your dimensions first. You start with the top/bottom circle or square-whatever shape you are using-then add the "arms" to the top and bottom. I mostly used a soldering iron. But I have made ones that are tied with twine or jute too. You can get an iron pretty inexpensively at most craft stores or a stained glass or hardware store

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Arc lamps, too, make quite a good showing in a modern space. Taller, thinner, and more shapely than a traditional floor lamp, arc lamps curve outward, placing the lighting fixture front and center in the room even if the base is pushed off into a corner.

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