Vintage Floor Lamps parts

Vintage is a term borrowed from the English used to denote any old object, artistic design and high quality. Next, we explain how to decorate your vintage style home.

The vintage style has spread in recent years to all areas of design and fashion , as well as the decor . Inspired by 30-40 years, is an elegant, romantic air, based on old style designs but using modern avant-garde accessories. In pure vintage, antique pieces are used, high-level exclusive renewing or combined with other more modern classic.

Colors and materials: The basic color is white or off-white, while accessories and furniture can wear bright colors or pastels. The floral prints are the absolute protagonists and presented in curtains, carpets, cushions, quilts ... The walls in pastel flowery paper are also a reference vintage.La style wood , wicker and wrought iron are the materials used to recreate a vintage world. In textiles can play both natural and synthetic fibers.

Living Room: Furniture, provencal type, traditional designs and stately look with curves and wavy shapes. Chairs, sofas, chairs, tables and cabinets have their own style, called "Louis XV", which evokes a noble and majestic, typical of royalty. The quilted is the king of vintage upholstery. This trend is inclined furniture wood dark (walnut, mahogany or cherry ), of wood in off white, pickled or with details in gold or bronze.

On the wall put a large mirror-like empire, oval or rectangular. You can also hang pictures with frames of different shapes, sizes and finishes. From the ceiling hangs a chandelier with crystal tears as s models. XVI. In the tables used old-style lamps with parchment type screen.

Fabrics should be bright and fresh colors (green, pink, sky blue, white) or floral patterns. On the floor we can put a wool rug classic neutral color or patterns.

The plants and flowers are essential in this and in all rooms of the house. They bring freshness, color and romance to the environment very own three characteristics of this style.

Bedroom : The bedside also French style, are tall and narrow, wood dark or off-white. On them you can place a lamp art deco. To get air typical romantic vintage style places a wicker headboard or canopy bedding uses lace in white or pastel and put a blanket of flowers. If you prefer a more "modern", you can opt for a tufted headboard, typical of the 50s, and put a bunch of pillows and cushions of different colors on the bed.

The wicker baskets and hat boxes floral patterns are the best option to store your personal stuff and if you need more space or put a old-looking wicker trunk at the foot of your bed.

Dining Room: In this room , the spotlight will be a great table wood , surrounded by half a dozen classic chairs. Choose a display to showcase your vintage dishes and make sure you have a set of china cups painted with gold and flower patterns.

Bathroom: Waiver of the screen and put curtains in the tub or shower. Save your towels embroidered in old cupboard over the sink and put an oval mirror frame with wooden or bronze. If you want a full vintage atmosphere, put a old style taps and put a tub of four legs instead of a common bath.

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Used to make them in college for extra money

Lamp shades are pretty easy if you have a little handy and crafty. I used to live in a building in college that the bottom floor was a dry cleaner and the old lady that owned it used to give me wire hangers.
You want to use the lighter weight ones for shirts. Use wire cutters to cut the wire. check your dimensions first. You start with the top/bottom circle or square-whatever shape you are using-then add the "arms" to the top and bottom. I mostly used a soldering iron. But I have made ones that are tied with twine or jute too. You can get an iron pretty inexpensively at most craft stores or a stained glass or hardware store

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