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Riding a radio, community or free

A community radio station is done in teams. Join the staff
interested, competent and responsible for the organization, operation and maintenance. Remember that in the beginning everything can seem difficult, and may appear many people interested in participating in the project, and the most appropriate way to govern this organization is through a
established with status, management and record in Civil Registry.
Mounting an Issuer requires dedication and availability of participants. We must each be fully aware of what you are doing and what you want with it. Install themselves in a safe, viable technical and topographically. Remember that the higher the antenna is, the greater the possibility of expanding the scope of action of the radio. It is recommended that the radio works in a proper place
its functioning. I've seen radios be installed in locations most absurd possible. Work, but usually give a very troublesome operation of the system.
A radio is often frequented at any time of day or night depending on their mode of action, so in family homes has never been a good place to mount it.
Each component of the Radio collaborates with discs and tapes that feature. To organize the equity of each component can identify each disk, tape, cd, dvd or audio files to computer, physicists, with a sticker with the name of its owner.
Distribute the roles among the components according to their availability and skills.
OPERATOR: technically operates the sound board during
production and broadcasting of programs.
ANNOUNCER: Read news, notes, vignettes and interviews makes, presents programs.
EDITOR: revises or writes anything that is said by the speaker:
FIELD REPORTER: search the news stories and where they happen. Make contacts and interviews;
MONITOR DX: hear transmissions from a distance and tells
operator of the amusement quality daily or in situations
PROGRAMMER MUSICAL or jockey: selects the
music programming and musical backgrounds; organizes the club and its collection.
Disc jockey and operator are separate functions.
All components form the "Editorial Board of Radio".
Should meet regularly to decide on the work and progress of the Issuer.
The Editorial Board should always protect the basic principles of:
a-POPULAR PARTICIPATION: Every community has the right to speak on the radio. This right must be preserved in the actual status of the station. A community radio station that has secured an operational team, but has no owner.
b-FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION: Everyone has the right to
manifest in radio with their ideas and their own language and uncensored since not hide in anonymity;
All information should be free of any interest that the arrest forms and standardized rules for the system.
A community radio station does not maintain links with the interests of commercial record labels, their releases or "paradinhas successes" imposed by factories disks or commercial stations.
Community broadcasters prioritize cultural production in the region where it operates. Offers opportunity for musicians, poets, actors, writers, artists, scientists and local sportsmen. With this we do not mean that we should not play the discs of the record, but when we do, it should give the approaches and cultural information about them.
The schedules of a religious nature, and must be ECUMENICAL broadcaster should have broad participation of all tendencies of consciousness, not being unethical all forms of discrimination, disrespect or attacks on other faiths, cults or myths. We must also remember that the radio is not the altar, pulpit preaching or religious centers, the broadcaster's role is to inform and educate citizens not in this or that die or religious sector, religious bodies should participate with equal time
with the other segments of consciousness restricting themselves to
information in their communities.
Maintain a policy of economic effective maintenance for radio. -Promotion of the parties with the collaboration of musical groups from the region to the animation.
b-Sale of buttons, shirts and stickers, bring resources
financial and disseminate radio.
c-Bonus, raffles and bingos.
d-commercials for small businesses in the district.
Have effective contact legal counsel for procedures
bureaucratic and legal. Have knowledge of the laws governing our guarantees ('ll talk about it at the next opportunity).
Search have any other means of communication
integrating the radio (PX, VHF, telephone, fax, Internet, voicemail). Thus both the radio is aware of his role as listeners have the means to participate more effectively in the program.
Organize a program schedule with strict schedules and
regular distributed among programmers.
Try to keep a variety in programming distributing a grid according to the hours of availability and interest of the listener.
Here are some suggestions that may be added ideas and skills of the group itself.
a-Newsletters local and regional analysis - in the morning the people listen to the radio to know the news and time.
b-Informational utility - should happen during all programming.
c-Musical independent and alternative musicians and artists of the region - is a good sujestão for weekend night.
d-Musical and many discographies - is a good program for Saturday afternoons.
e-Cultural routes: the cultural program of the city - this program is recommended for the sixth Sunday 18 pm, when the listener prepares for the weekend.
f-Poetry, trova, suddenly, theater - could be an evening program on weekdays, or in the afternoons - Let's remember the radio soap operas that followed the lives of many mulhers in the past.
g - Radio People: Community participation in radio
claims, criticisms, opinions, proposals through letters,
phone calls, recordings, or live the street, etc..
h - Radio Magazine - Daily program with various frameworks -
good program to perform from 9 am until noon.
The more regularly you are programming, it will be more
achieving the goals of the hearing. Even if we do not go to the air effectively, we promised to meet schedules listeners with punctuality.
An Issuer Community requires proper equipment, it is good that they are in good condition and functioning conservation. There is a need to use mixers (soundboard) to own broadcasting service. Many people, because of misinformation ends up buying tables sound for the musical, just because you have a lot of channels. This is the biggest mistake, because the tables for sound mixers dances or musical ensembles, most of which are not have the resources necessary to operate radio. A mixer for radio entries must have stereophonic and not just stereo outputs. Must have monitoring (CUE or pre-listening) independently for each pair of lines and optional simultaneous
all of which are in operation. The most appropriate table for this service would be a mixer with stereo inputs (I will not name names). That must have 4 channels divided into
8 line pairs (Stereo) for use with peripherals definitely (turntable, deck, CD players, MD) plus 3 other mono lines that can be used with microphones, telephone or as input processor lines and not another model.
Speaking of processor lines, this is the most appropriate way to install microphones and other inputs communication in the mixer. The processor lines, equalize, compress and even correctly the signs of microphones before being mixed at the table. In addition to greatly facilitates the operation end up offering the possibility to
transmit a live musical whole studio. The
processor suitable, is the ONIX mod. MM-800.
Peripherals (turntables, CDs, Decks, MD ...) should be of good provenance and preferably professional, since these devices will have a more continuous use of the manufactured exclusively for home use. Are often used household appliances, even good brands, by an economic issue, but see that the cost of maintenance and disruption caused ultimately not compensate for their low cost.
2 CD Players
1 or 2 Tape decks (SANSUI DX)
1 Turntable - (Technics MK2) just one, because the vinyls are in their final days.
1 Processor lines (ONIX MM-800)
Table 1 sound processor peripherals
2 or 3 microphone of good quality (SM-58)
1 Tuner for monitoring - best tuning for digital stereo
1 FM transmitter approved, industrialized and reliable provenance
1 antenna properly constructed and calibrated
If the group has possibility, we recommend the use of MiniDisc
Record (MDR), as well facilitate the broadcasting of radio vignettes.
These days when the computer is more within reach, much of the equipment for the application may be redeemed by the computer. Advise the use of software ZaraRadio see more details on a free software with all functions automaçãopara radio stations.
The transmitter and antenna are respectively the head and the heart of the radiated signal. Provenance should be reliable and that are essential for a competent company industrialized and recognized in the market with the latest technology they can trust, guaranteed to work, technical assistance, in addition to its design can not be an experimental prototype bench school. I say this
for we have seen many colleagues expend expenses and have
very serious technical problems without having someone to solve them.
During the proliferation of low-power stations, suddenly appeared many curious on duty with fancy designs, but without any technical resource to mount them properly. Its transmitters has caused numerous problems of interference, causing even a bad image in motion, in addition, not always offer guarantees of operation or quality of stability and adequate filtration to receive an approval. Therefore, seek to know the origin of the transmission equipment and the antenna acquiring them.
It is recommended that the transmitter is installed as close as possible to its antenna, since the greater the coaxial cable connecting the transmitter to the antenna, the greater the loss of radiated power, it is known that both should be located at high place and OPEN, and on top of some building in the center of the target area, or on top of a mountain near the region. If the premises are not possible under such conditions, then it is recommended that a directional antenna or better gain.
As for audio production equipment must be installed in any place where offers silent condition that there be no interference in noisy recordings and broadcasts microphone.
As mentioned above, the antenna is one of the components more
important in the transmission system. Your installation must be done accurately and robust to provide a good yield and withstand strong wind and rain.
Try to install the antenna on a mast rigidly set in place higher still. There are two ways to fix antenna: We can do it through the tower or mast.
The tower usually (when feasible) the safest way to install the antenna, but this does not mean that the masts did not have their qualities. A tower, we can install more than one antenna, or even the lightning rod, and denote a more solid finish. In the tops of buildings. Antenna can be installed on a single pole 3 meters tall.
When installing the tower ground floor property, do it on firm and level ground. Make masonry foundations to support the same. It is recommended that the higher the tower, the deeper must be the foundation, at least a quarter of the size of the tower deep. That means if your tower has 10 meters high, the foundation should be at least 2.5 meters deep. Besides the foundation, we must also provide for the tower estirantes support. Calculate a set of three estirantes every 6 meters tower. So if your tower has 18 meters, it should have three games estirantes.
Regarding estirantes, we also provide their respective attachment points. It is recommended that these estirantes form an angle less than 30 degrees relative to the axis of the tower. would ideally have 35-60 degrees. This all depends on the size of the land that provides for the facilities. At points where the estirantes fixed on the ground, we must ensure that firmly has reasonable condition. It is convenient to chumbe moerão where one will fix these estirantes.
As for the lightning, try to install at least 2 feet above the antenna and one meter away from its axis, because only then can it ensure its efficiency.
The mast is usually cheaper and convenient to install, but we must do so carefully. Just as the tower, we provide a base of support also safe.
There are two way to fix a mast. One is through a wall. the other is through a base on the ground. But remember that in two ways, we must also take care of estirantes, just as you do in the tower.
Attach a mast on the wall.
Secure with metal clamps an iron pipe that exceeds the maximum height of the property to a level more than three meters. Remember that the higher your antenna is, the better their performance.
To keep the mast insurance gusts and firmly, secure with steel estirantes every three meters of the pipe.
It is very important that the antenna is at least more than 3
meters above the rooftops and obstacles that circulate as well sé have assurance that there will be nothing for the waves to transpose its spread, in addition to this is the minimum height and convenient to break the wave is radiated by the antenna and reach the horizon .
Regarding the installation of terminals coaxial cable to the antenna, carefully observe the cleanliness of its elements. The use of sandpaper in the common contact parts, clean oxidation potential layers, both terminals of the cable, as the aluminum element.
Look screw them tightly with washers streaks along the terminals, brass screws and washers with the nut.
Note the cable in correct polarization of antenna elements, ie: the positive (core wire) the top element and the negative (cable knit) in the bottom. Very carefully, always checking if there is no short circuit or bad contact in connector welds, as this depends on the security of the transmitter.
After this operation, paint them with enamel paint in spots of rust. Then do a wrap with tape "TEFLON" on terminals and insulators and another layer of self-fusing tape. Attach the cable to the mast along with self fusing tape, go down it vertically until it reaches the transmitter. Avoid buildup or leftover coiled cable not to cause "feedback" that causes mismatches in the transmission technicians.
Before lifting the antenna, make sure the appropriate Standing Wave Ratio (SWR), because if the antenna is not properly calibrated, can besides causing untold interference, causing low yields and even burn the transmitter.
The studio facility requires specific care required of a station of their size. However should offer the possibility of obtaining good results both in sound quality as the radius covered by the broadcaster.
The studio will occupy an area 9-12 m2 which can be divided into: Cage voiceover, cab control coach and cab radio transmission. All this in place of good ventilation for improved cooling equipment.
In fact, what we observe is lately emerging many community broadcasters who despise installing cabinets and cages, and is showing good results and significantly reducing assembly costs, but here are some guidelines for those who want to mount them.
CAGE OF PHRASE: Must have sound insulation,
filament lighting (60 W bulb), ventilation, table which presents up to three people, vision for the technical control booth, carpeted floor or carpeted and approximate area of ​​4 m2.
CABIN CONTROL TECHNICIAN: No need for soundproofing, but must have good ventilation, lighting filament and sufficient space for the operator and production team to mobilize for work in an area of ​​5 to 8m2. This cabin can accommodate a swivel chair, a table which presents audio equipment, table for production (3 people) steel shelves for discs.
UNDER THE TRANSMITTER: It is not appropriate that the
transmitter is close to the cab control coach, it may cause interference (hammer) the audio system Radio. It is recommended that the transmitter be in another separate room to avoid such interference.
The set of technical control booth, cage voiceover and shelter the transmitter can be fitted with partitions of wood and / or lined with acoustic material on the walls and ceiling.
One should take care in choosing the table and chairs Cage voiceover, so they are not noisy, not forgetting that the table requires cloth lining noise to drown out unpleasant.
It is recommended to install this system on property it has the phone line to better information and transaction services.
To make installation and maintenance, try to have between
participants with an electronic technician confidence enabled radio frequency. Try to make the facilities so perfect, practical and most definitive possible. It is very unpleasant to work in the middle of a bunch of wires and cables scattered all sides or put so confused and tentative. This significantly reduces the operational system.
Eventually no need to calibrate the equipment is improperly installed and may cause problems even in the middle of a production or transmission.
It is recommended to extract the light frame an electrical supply independent of the other rooms on the property, but if this is not possible you can then use a voltage stabilizer and a surge in the equipment jacks.
The power outlets, built-in must have their wiring. The plugs should be well connected. Cables seamless, well positioned table, lighting, disco, files, everything should be well planned and delivered in a functional way, taking into account the projects that are concerned with the exercise testing.
Provide three independent grounds and distant from each other, one for the sound equipment, one for the transmitter and one for the lightning rod.
The whole system in operation consumes no more than 600
Watts / Time, equivalent to 6 lamps of 100 W, but it is recommended that the power supply wiring is n. 12 flexible.
The equipment should be distributed to an operating table technique that should have sizing exercise, ie: the devices must be within reach comfortably and operational. The table will look like the letter "U" with 1.80 m wide by 1.80 long (square) and still have a span of 1 meter internal. Should then have its top 40 cm wide. There is also a maximum height of 85 cm and a minimum of 80, depending on the average size of their operators, but never outside of these measures.
The distribution of equipment can follow the following order: - Turntable right is more operational. Enables the view of the tracks and the positioning of the needle on the disc.
- Mesa Sound Processors lines at center. Are
equipment which can be operated with either hand and should always be in a position easy to view during the work.
- Tape-decks, CDs, MDR, left. A distribution becomes
balanced and easy to wield.
- Tuner, Processadorde effects, Equalizer, Compressor audio, it is recommended to be installed beneath the peripheral left.
- Tapes, Disco, files. Behind the operator, so that they can have access without disrupting the service of others.

2007-08-17 16:40:38 by DeadArtistsSoc

I'm still discovering things that were "lost"

During our last move.
Did you have "professional" movers do any of the trucking for you?
I "lost" a 7.5' high, hand crafted custom walnut and oak bookcase with raised floating end panels and tongue n' groove shelving. I tried to get an estimate to have remade. I was quoted $7k.
I also "lost" a restored deco solid brass floor lamp (all I have left is the handmade silk shade), two 30 year old solid brass Stiffle candlestick table lamps, two classical realist paintings (one turned up on Ebaylast year - the seller got it at an estate auction in the area I had moved from)

2011-01-14 15:17:42 by GenElec

Not much help

An outlet tester won't tell you why an outlet isn't working. The advice from the Home Depot employee isn't helpful either. How are you supposed to find a "loose or disconnected wire" when the wires are in the walls?
Start with the "switched outlet" hypothesis. Some houses have switched outlets in living rooms and bedrooms to turn on floor or desk lamps with a wall switch. In that case, one half of a duplex outlet is switched, the other side is always on. This really sounds like your situation. But there should be other outlets which are not switched, on kitchen countertops for example

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