Halogen Floor Lamp Black

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2006-04-03 16:24:11 by anyonehelp

Fixing a halogen floor lamp...

I am just trying to fix two halogen lamps, just want to save money...
one is in my study room, everything was fine, but the light bulb went out so I replaced with a new one. but then I don't know why, when I turn it on for 20 minutes, it will go off by itself. Is it overheated???
The other one is in my living room, I tooked out the light bulb and I found that one end of the light bulb was black like it was burned... and I found that the connectors that touching the light bulb was very black too, so is it possible to find the connectors and replace it? or should I just throw

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Get LED Lighting and Superior Customer Service from Elemental LED

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