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LED lights: Special construction of the models and

Features of LEDs

An LED light consists of several different components. One of the most important parts of the semiconductor crystal, which are soldered to the bottom of the LED in a metal holder, used in a reflector, the light rays are focused. The solder joint is one of the two electrical terminals of the crystal and is connected via a thin bonding wire with said second electrical connection. In this way, light is hardly absorbed by the connection, therefore, a high power output can be achieved. Standard LEDs have a maximum allowable current of 20 milliamperes, while high-power LEDs extend to about 18 amps. In addition, these lights to switch very quickly and can modulate the operating current.

Color spectrum of the LEDs

LED bulbs are true lighting master because of its nature. Due to their immense light quality and durability they are wonderful for household, commercial and industrial. The LED ceiling lights brighten any room perfectly and thus facilitate the work. By using different semiconductor materials with different color effects can be achieved. The colors range from red, orange, to yellow, green, blue to violet and ultraviolet. This characteristic they move not only the furniture in the home in the right light, but are also versatile. If in the simple ceiling lamp preferably a bright light, so for example, function indicator lights on the road exclusively with colored LEDs.

LED lights in the exterior and interior

LEDs for outdoor use

LED lights are the perfect solution for outdoor applications. And here is their excellent durability the argument. The outdoor lighting is available here in different models on the market. The floor lamp is enjoying great popularity in outdoor areas, they are usually placed as LED bollard lights along roads outside. But also solid wall lights are one of the typical outdoor lights that are powered by LEDs.

LEDs for indoor use

Inside are often hanging and table lamps with LEDs used. In many households who rely on thrift, LED light sources are irreplaceable. In addition, LED bulbs are suitable for any type of model. Whether as a fixed or portable lighting system, they are everywhere in the house, as long as a continuous current flow is guaranteed.

Order LED lights online

The advantages of LED lights are powerful, as they are universal light source can be used anywhere in the home - they are for example in kitchens, living rooms and bathrooms to use and lights up any room perfectly. In addition, you will find a huge selection Home24 different lighting solution for indoor and outdoor use. With over 40, 000 design ideas Home24 one of the largest online stores in Germany. In the online shop you can at any time day or night, find the right product for your home. Every piece of furniture or small items of decoration is shipped free to your home. Stop by - it's worth.

Lutron Lutron TT-300H-WH Electronics Plug-In Lamp Dimmer, White
Home Improvement (Lutron)
  • Dimmer makes it easy to turn lights on and off
  • Place dimmer on tabletop for easy operation
  • For table or floor lamps, 120 volt incandescent/halogen bulb
  • Come with a 6-foot cord, 300 watts
  • UL approved for indoor use
2010-05-18 19:26:18 by -

You need a rug

A large rug.
If you can't afford something big and colorful that you like, then buy a cheap black one.
Black looks classy even when it's inexpensive.
You need bigger art on your walls.
Put up some long black shelves or large black frames. you can find good deals on art on craigslist arts/crafts for sale.
also try a couple of floor lamps

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My thoughts:

Make the alcove a reading nook. Nice comfortable chair, a floor lamp behind the chair, and maybe a tiny table, just enough to hold a book and cup of coffee. Get rid of that large round table.
Open the window area by putting the long table behind the sofa. You would need the lamps behind anyway, in case you read on the sofa.
Keep the large, light, wall unit and get rid of the ugly black one. Put a nice tall plant there.
I would get rid of the bench in the foyer, it's out of place and the table isn't too attractive. Get an entry table that includes a place to sit and put on boots, or that the seating slides under it or hides in some way

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Woods 32555 Outdoor Remote Control Outlet Converter Kit
Home Improvement (Woods)
  • Control your outdoor security lights and holiday decorations from inside your home or car
  • Remote unit easily fits glove box, purse or attaches to keychain
  • Key chain remote includes battery and has 60 foot frequency range
  • Weatherproof base with 6” - 16-3 grounded cord easy to install… just plug it in
  • 125-Volt, 13 Amp, 1625W Resistive / 8 Amp, 1W Tungsten

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Touch Control LED Mood Light
Musical Instruments (DiCon Lighting)
  • The LUNE can be set to automatically change colors or shine a bright (dimmable) solid color. INCLUDES A BONUS HIPE MOTION SENSOR LIGHT
  • Choose between Two continuous color changing modes and 7 preset colors: red, yellow, green, teal, blue, magenta and white
  • Single touch control interface allows you to change colors and modes intensity, with merely a tap of your hand on the touch pad
  • Features a modern ring silhouette with a rotatable top so that the light can be angled to a variety of position to brighten the exact spot you prefer
  • Works with Dense Matrix LED Technology that compacts several LEDs into a small, singular array, giving you a high-powered, compact, brilliant light with extreme...
Replacement Glass Bankers Lamp Shade Green
Home Improvement (Upgradelights)
  • Bankers glass shade replacement
  • Cased white inside
  • holes drilled each end
  • Upgradelights Quality
TaoTronics® TT-GL05 90W UFO LED Grow Lights Panel For Plant Germinating Growing Flowing Seeding Red Blue Orange 7:1:1 (45*3W, 135W Theoretically)
Lawn & Patio (TaoTronics®)
  • Fast growth - big blooms, buds and flowers
  • Up to 80% energy savings vs. Metal Halide & HPS grow lights
  • Suitable for all stages of growth. Seed to flower to fruit
  • Three, thermostatically-controlled, low-noise fans: Minimal heat to keep your plants from burning
  • Color: Red/blue/orange(620-630nm RED, 450-460nm Blue, 410-415nm Orange), Ratio:7:1:1(35:5:5pcs)

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