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Cullen's Room in Twilight

By: Jessica Arribas

Located in Vancouver, Canada, this two-story house and 2000 square meters, located in the countryside, is the lair of the most famous vampire family in recent times, the Cullens. Characterised by wood and by the huge windows of the facade, this home open room is valued at two million euros and is visited by curious fans of the Twilight saga.

The home of the Twilight vampires

Although the films were changed and customizó decor in most rooms to suit the unique life of vampires, most of the scenes are shot in this house. For example, in the spacious living room, removed the majority of seats as sofas and armchairs. In the place of the assembly area with green seats, moved the piano where the famous Edward Cullen plays Bella Swan nana.

The mythical staircase decorated with collage of graduation gowns young Cullen, actually we have seen to the left of the house, not the right as in reality. It seems that this setting was created for the shoot as they also lack the wall space where the collage. The red couch and table area do not appear in the film. These furnishings were removed.

If anything characterizes the Cullen mansion are large windows, almost form some of the walls of the house. These glass walls increase the feeling of spaciousness and complete a Nordic style very much in keeping cold climate and Forks, the town where the story of love between vampires, humans and werewolves.

Next to glass, wood is the other protagonist. Entire floor, as well as the facade is clad in wood , a material that is responsible for providing the warmth in this cold style. The bedroom we see in the actual house was the room where you installed the protagonist Edward attractive bedroom. Still, since vampires do not sleep, the bed was removed and placed a large closet full of music CDs and a modern player. As furniture rest, a chaise longue beige.

The kitchen is another of the rooms created as setting a different room of the house. Therefore, the kitchen we see here is not the one in the film when the family is preparing dinner in the formal presentation of Bella. It is true that there are similarities in style, materials and black countertop.

Although not shown in the movies, the house has a very complete outdoor area with pool and beautiful gardens. In outdoor scenes we have seen in the films, only see an area of forest with full of leaves and soil background the beautiful wooden facade and windows of the house. To me, personally I love this house, which promised so much in the lines of the books and when it materialized on the screen. You like?

2006-02-24 18:47:35 by lorinscott

Depending on your decor style....

You might be able to run some cool track lighting on your ceiling....that would work with eclectic or modern style. If your style is more traditional, try more lamps on tables, or a floor lamp or two. If space is a problem, sconces or wall-mounted fixtures work don't have to hard-wire them, just make sure you get a metal cord cover. Try GE Reveal bulbs in the lamps.

2007-01-31 20:19:09 by index

Combo living room/library

Long rooms do well divided into separate areas for activities. Many living rooms accommodate a living/dining room. Sounds like you probably have your dining area elsewhere though.
I would suggest you create a seating/conversation area in one half of the living room, with the fireplace or a nice view as the focal point if possible. In the other half of the room, the half with the built-in shelves, create a library or study. Put a nice desk in the middle with visitors' chairs for a study. Or for a library, do it old style with a large reading table with reading lamps and side chairs

2010-03-09 14:06:20 by igloo2

Maybe some artsy-fartsy folks can suggest....?

OK, here's my deal....
I'm a real nature lover. My apartment is somewhat minimalist...clean lines...clear colors...somewhat modern in style.
I love having plants in my apartment, but problem is...I have a VERY low light apartment. So most plants die. That said, I have particularly liked when I had TREE plants in my apartment. They are great for filling in 'air space'...for giving some height to your everything is not at the same level. Tree plants add a nice 'architectural' flair to the space.
But I'm tired of my tree plants dying on me

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