Modern ARC Floor Lamps

1 High quality and workmanship; 2 reasonable price and best service; 3 get the certificate ce & ul

1) floor lamp
2) size (dxh): 45x167 cm
3) volume: 0.14cbm/pc
Floor lamp, stainless steel lamp, lighting

Tripod floor lamp spotlight

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Shanghai Union Arts & crafts co. , Ltd is a leading manufacturer of indoor lighting, decorative gifts and mail boxes in china. We have almost ten years of export experience in this line of business.

Our main products include modern lamps, tiffany lamps, galle lamps, painted light bulbs, lamps or animal form. Futhermore, we specialize in supplying casting mailboxes, outdoor items and various candle holders

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Modern Arc Style Floor Lamp in Satin Nickel on White Marble Stone Base
Lighting ()
  • Stylish and contemporary
  • Chrome finish shade and marble base
  • Lamp measures 48 x 48 x 85 inches
2006-02-24 18:47:35 by lorinscott

Depending on your decor style....

You might be able to run some cool track lighting on your ceiling....that would work with eclectic or modern style. If your style is more traditional, try more lamps on tables, or a floor lamp or two. If space is a problem, sconces or wall-mounted fixtures work don't have to hard-wire them, just make sure you get a metal cord cover. Try GE Reveal bulbs in the lamps.

2007-01-31 20:19:09 by index

Combo living room/library

Long rooms do well divided into separate areas for activities. Many living rooms accommodate a living/dining room. Sounds like you probably have your dining area elsewhere though.
I would suggest you create a seating/conversation area in one half of the living room, with the fireplace or a nice view as the focal point if possible. In the other half of the room, the half with the built-in shelves, create a library or study. Put a nice desk in the middle with visitors' chairs for a study. Or for a library, do it old style with a large reading table with reading lamps and side chairs

2010-03-09 14:06:20 by igloo2

Maybe some artsy-fartsy folks can suggest....?

OK, here's my deal....
I'm a real nature lover. My apartment is somewhat minimalist...clean lines...clear colors...somewhat modern in style.
I love having plants in my apartment, but problem is...I have a VERY low light apartment. So most plants die. That said, I have particularly liked when I had TREE plants in my apartment. They are great for filling in 'air space'...for giving some height to your everything is not at the same level. Tree plants add a nice 'architectural' flair to the space.
But I'm tired of my tree plants dying on me

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Adesso Inc. Adesso 3029-01 Gala Arc Lamp with Black Shade
Home Improvement (Adesso Inc.)
  • Unique black kaleidoscope patterned outer shade with a dark black inner shade
  • Sleek satin steel finish
  • Outer shade: 6.5-inches high, 12-inches in diameter; Inner shade: 4.5-inches high, 8.75-inches in diameter
  • Each has a three-way rotary socket switch and takes one 150 Watt incandescent or three-way CFL bulb
  • 100 Watt incandescent or 26 Watt CFL bulb
Pacific Coast Lighting Hanson Arc Floor Lamp
Lighting (Pacific Coast Lighting)

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