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In the floor lamps found the best picks among the most sought after designer lamps on the lighting market. The lamps collected here for you, in fact, are selected from Modaedesign that collaborates with leading domestic and international manufacturers, choosing from the floor lamps of the most famous designers in the world. The category of floor lamps focuses primarily on a rich set of floor lamp design, individually styled, always current and in step with the needs of new generations.

A floor lamps, in fact, is a valuable piece of furniture, which must be chosen with great accuracy. A floor lamp of value, must be able, in fact, to give a unique touch to your home and unrepeatable. Not only that, therefore, must be chosen depending on the features it has and its technical characteristics, but also for how he manages to illuminate with style, decorating your interior, so as to make them even more special and fascinating. The floor lamp is the lamp that accompanies a soft reading your favorite book, or an evening with friends, a romantic night or a weekend retreat amidst the four walls. It takes an eye and attention to choose the right lamp, you need to study well the environment in which you want to insert and then, as in love, must arouse emotion at first glance.

Do you want a modern lamp? I prefer a classic? You are alternative types and love the originality?

Here you can indulge in search of the perfect lamp to enrich and customize your environment. The choice would seem difficult, however it becomes simple with Modaedesign: a wide range of lamps is at your disposal. Selecting a floor lamp you prefer, you can also discover its features and technical information, and get a general overview of the product you wish to buy. For any other type of question, you can also call the customer that you find on the home page. We will be happy to answer all your questions and help you to meet your every need. We guarantee that you will find that each of the lamps, for you will be a good buy, since all of the true objects of design, high quality and prestigious brand.

2004-04-26 11:08:47 by allargon

Modern ceiling fans and lights?

Here's a question for you metrosexuals and funky home design types.
Where can I find modern ceiling fan fixtures with lights? I can buy trendy floor lamps as well as neato chandeliers from places like Design within Reach, West Elm and Ligne-Roset. (No, I'm not poor.)
However, I live in an area where ceiling fans are a must. I'm tired of the grandmother Hunter style ceiling fans that haven't been redesigned since 1936.
Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks.

2006-02-24 18:47:35 by lorinscott

Depending on your decor style....

You might be able to run some cool track lighting on your ceiling....that would work with eclectic or modern style. If your style is more traditional, try more lamps on tables, or a floor lamp or two. If space is a problem, sconces or wall-mounted fixtures work well....you don't have to hard-wire them, just make sure you get a metal cord cover. Try GE Reveal bulbs in the lamps.

2007-01-31 20:19:09 by index

Combo living room/library

Long rooms do well divided into separate areas for activities. Many living rooms accommodate a living/dining room. Sounds like you probably have your dining area elsewhere though.
I would suggest you create a seating/conversation area in one half of the living room, with the fireplace or a nice view as the focal point if possible. In the other half of the room, the half with the built-in shelves, create a library or study. Put a nice desk in the middle with visitors' chairs for a study. Or for a library, do it old style with a large reading table with reading lamps and side chairs

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