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Three types of transparent capsule halogen lamps: with pin or pins, threaded and linear tube with pressure terminals.

Since its invention in 1878, the common incandescent lamp has been virtually the artificial light source massively used, but since 1939 also competes with fluorescent tubes, much more efficient and economical.

However, in the early 50s of last century the need to provide supersonic aircraft a source of intense light for night navigation, which could be located at the tips of the wings, led the Americans engineers to develop incandescent lamp type, but conceptually and structurally different from known until then.

The first attempt to get more light intensity with less electric power consumption was trying to increase the temperature of the tungsten filament, this metal also known as tungsten (W), which ended in failure. Due to the evaporation process usually suffers tungsten within any type of incandescent bulb while it is on, its deterioration is further accelerated when the temperature was increased, the safety glass is blackened much faster than normal and eventually melting ended lamp.

The failure was experienced engineers to test different materials that could build the lamp, but always kept the tungsten filament lighting as the main element because of the excellent physical and chemical properties presented for that purpose.
Trying and failing replaced between argon gas used in common incandescent lamps, a halogen element such as iodine (I), which allowed increasing the filament temperature.

In addition, engineers instead of using the common glass used standard incandescent lamps as a protective cover, unable to bear the high temperature at which it was necessary to subject the new filament lamp used quartz crystal.

Thus in 1959, nine years after starting the first experiments, a new light bulb, completely different from the hitherto known, which gave it the name "tungsten halogen lamp" or "quartz lamp." It was a smaller lamp and efficient compared with common incandescent predecessors of equal power, but with the added advantage of providing much brighter lighting and a shelf life longer.

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Torchiere lamps are considered fire hazards

20 years ago they sold like hotcakes for 30 bucks a pop (floor standing ones), then suddenly they disappeared from stores. I assume there must have been some lawsuits from fires started by falling lamps (the halogen bulbs are 300+ degrees F), which eventually led to the collapse of the market, but I didn't hear anything specific.
Not good if you have small children or pets.

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