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Crystal Palace

Baccarat Crystal Palace is located in Paris's 16th district of America Plaza, No. 11 luxury mansion.
French Viscountess Nuoai Li (Marie-Laure de Noailles , 1902-1971) is a former mistress of this private mansion, luxury and tradition intertwined in this mansion, she regularly organizes various legendary party, and invited painters, writers, and musicians to participate. She also regularly according to their mood transform their house pattern and design.

The building is very suitable as Baccarat new home. As a world-renowned luxury boutique brand, Baccarat honored to renowned designer Philippe Starck to create the design, to complete this luxurious and legendary, stunning works great.

This covers an area of ​​3000 square meters Nuoai Li's mansion transformed into the headquarters of Baccarat, which consists of shops, museums, restaurants and showcase their virtuosity Grand Ballroom, where the most impressive displays of handicrafts Baccarat works include: home decor, jewelry and accessories, as well as other legendary treasures.

Crystal Palace

The story originated with the Russian Baccarat crystal factory and the Tsar in between luxury deep roots. Its history of classical masterpieces, including the Tsar chandelier candelabra (Bakara well preserved two in one) and ornate glass Tsar (by a double cobalt blue crystal), is now displayed at all Baccarat Paris Crystal Museum.

For Philippe Starck, the crystal is his wonderful source of inspiration. In Baccarat sole design headquarters in Paris after his appointment, he quickly found the inspiration and successfully in such a place full of memories to create a well-known luxury boutique brand brings fantastic atmosphere.

First floor hall shows Baccarat full range of products, from the lighting to the small clock, are shrouded in light of being. Once again, the use of Philippe Starck Baccarat contrasts beautifully designed furniture: unforgettable mirrors and crystal display windows, set off a huge table full crystal home decoration products; while hanging lighting products come in perspective showing the top of the table.

Ore International Ore International 6932 84-Inch 3 Light Crystal Inspirational Arch Floor Lamp
Home Improvement (Ore International)
  • A beautiful faux crystal inspired arch floor lamp
  • Elegant design, great value and prompt service are hallmarks of Ore International
  • Three crystal adorned lampshades
  • Lamp measures 17.5-Inch x 19-Inch x 97-Inch
2005-10-25 19:40:34 by wrknoutalot


My mother collects miniatures;
tiny tea sets,
complete with cups
and saucers smaller than finger nails,
pocket-sized apples, pears and bananas
made of crystal or colored glass
with a wicker basket to hold them,
entire model neighborhoods,
hand painted houses,
a post office, and general store-
all lined up on book shelves
with old fashioned street lamps
beside porcelain people,
ice-skating, each with one foot in mid-air.
She spends hours rearranging;
moving cups around on their tray
switching the white house
for the light blue one
with the navy shutters,
wiping every crevice
of her little world
with a dust cloth,
then replacing each piece
just so along the shelf

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Ore International K-5111F 59.75-Inch Crystal Drop Floor Lamp
Home Improvement (Ore International)
  • A very sophisticated faux crystal floor lamp
  • Elegant design, great value and prompt service are hallmarks of Ore International
  • Sheer black linen lampshade
  • Lamp measures 18-Inch x 18-Inch x 61-Inch

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Laura Ashley Laura Ashley SFL916-BFC005 Crystal / Classic 16.5" White Faux Silk Bell Shade Lola 56" Lola Floor Lamp
Lighting (Laura Ashley)
Value Line This Concordia Crystal Floor Lamp creates a glamorous sparkling pendant that complements your modern look. Made of clear crystal, Metal, Black Faux Silk Shade, stands H61in x W19in x Deep19in, uses Bulb Qty:3 x 40W Type E14 .
Single Detail Page Misc (Value Line)
  • Black

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