Crystal Sphere Floor Lamp

Sphere Lamp by Baccarat

It's called Sphere and it's collection of lamps designed by designer and internationally renowned Italian Michele De Lucchi for Baccarat historic company specialized in manufacturing accessories and glass design, precious and refined. Introduced last April at the Milanese with Euroluce 2011, Sphere is the name of an exciting collection that includes lights pendant lamps, table lamps and floor lamps.

The collaboration between the famous designer Michele De Lucchi and the renowned brand Baccarat was born an amazing collection of lamps, Sphere. We're talking about a series of lights crystal lamps which includes floor table and suspension.

Michele De Lucchi was inspired by the charm of the refraction of light that only know how to produce crystals and has created a lamp capable of recreating the same atmosphere.

The result is a lamp made through a double ball engraved by the characteristic diagonal cuts Baccarat. The reflections are amplified in this dialectic between inside and outside creating amazing light effects.

Great attention has also been paid to the optimization of the production process: the lamp Sphere is made ​​in four versions with two molds.

To make much particular this lamp is also the crystal bulb inside the ball which, when lit, it almost disappears!

Again Baccarat has created a collection of great elegance and sophistication ideal for illuminating environments refined and sophisticated.

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2005-10-25 19:40:34 by wrknoutalot


My mother collects miniatures;
tiny tea sets,
complete with cups
and saucers smaller than finger nails,
pocket-sized apples, pears and bananas
made of crystal or colored glass
with a wicker basket to hold them,
entire model neighborhoods,
hand painted houses,
a post office, and general store-
all lined up on book shelves
with old fashioned street lamps
beside porcelain people,
ice-skating, each with one foot in mid-air.
She spends hours rearranging;
moving cups around on their tray
switching the white house
for the light blue one
with the navy shutters,
wiping every crevice
of her little world
with a dust cloth,
then replacing each piece
just so along the shelf

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