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Product Description

Outdoor floor lamp model PESCARA Material and color: steel silver-black

Plastic white

HV 1 x E27 max. 60W

exclusive bulbs

Protection class IP 43 H 110.9 cm Ø 23 cm Base diameter 18.5 cm



Elegance and technique is combined into this incredible stand lamp.

Classic design and a timeless design to fulfill this lamp with a touch of perfection. The black and silver metal surface convinces not only by a splendid appearance, but rather in combination with the princely lampshade, which is completely in the scene with metal ornaments.

Is Behaust this innovative and powerful masterpiece of modern technology, which gives you about sunless hours of light and a comfortable atmosphere. Designed for E27 bulbs up to 60 watts of power and degree of protection IP43 this lamp runs on top form and will give you complete satisfaction light no matter what weather conditions gnaw on this lamp.

Bulbs are not included.


• Type: Outdoor / Floor Lamp
• Colour: black-silver
• Bulbs: 1x E27 60W (excl.)
• Degree of protection: IP43
• Dimensions in mm HxØ: 1109x230

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