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Yes you can spray paint those thrift store brass lamps! | The

************************************************** ******************************* - What the fuck have you done here? -Alex froze under the doorway.
- To that looks great? -Daisy watched with satisfaction the transformation of the caravan in what she considered a cozy and charming love nest.
Some covers in cream sprinkled with thoughts in purple, blue and caramel hiding the hideous checkered pattern of the sofa, the cushions to the old game did seem warm and comfortable furniture. He had also installed a small brass rods above the windows, replacing those horrible yellow curtains by other white muslin adorned with blue and lavender ribbons of different textures and widths.
A silk tie blue and violet broken screen camouflaged the lamp in the corner, and several wicker baskets now contained magazines and newspapers that were previously scattered everywhere. An assortment of mismatched containers, vases and bowls from pottery to Wedgwood blue jars, filling the shelf above the kitchen where he had stuck with a colorful rope chínchelas to not fall utensils when the caravan was in motion. The table was set with placemats in the same range of colors purple and violet, and Chinese porcelain, although not matched to each other, had the same shades. There were two white cups, two cups of glass, one of which had a crack, and indigo dishes. In the center of the table, a clay pot housed a bouquet of wildflowers that Daisy had caught on the edge of the enclosure.
-I was unable to do more with the carpet still panting explained about having to prepare it in a hurry. 'But I have removed the worst stains and has not been so bad. When you have some money, I'll take care of the bed. Maybe you put one of those Indian bedspreads and cushions. I'm not good seamstress, but I think I can ...
- Where did you get the money to do this?
-From my salary.
- Have you spent your money on this?
-I searched thrift stores and flea markets of the towns we visited. Did you know that I had never entered a WalMart until two weeks ago? It's amazing what you can give him a dollar if you put your mind ... Daisy At that moment he saw the look on Alex's face and his smile faded. -Not like.
I did not say that.
'No need to say it. You look in the face.
-Not that I like. It makes no sense to waste your money on this place.
I do not think that is a waste.
'It's a caravan, for the love of God. We will not live here so long.
That was not the real reason for the reluctance of Alex. Daisy watched him and concluded that he had two choices: I could go mad or could force him to be honest with her.
Tell me exactly what you do not like.
-Yes, something you do not like. Sheba told me you had rejected a caravan better than this. He shrugged. - Is it just wanted me the most difficult things?
Alex went to the fridge and grabbed a bottle of wine we had bought the day before, a bottle that she had considered too expensive for your budget.
Daisy refused to pass the subject.
- You wanted to live in this place as it was?
She was right, he said pulling out a drawer corkscrew.
'Do not think. I like pretty things. I have watched the landscape view when we travel and I always point out the window when you see something pretty. Yesterday, when we stopped at the kiosk next to the road, said that the fruit basket reminded you of a Cezanne.
- Would you like a glass of wine?
She shook her head and studied. Finally realized what was happening.
'I've crossed the line again, right?
I do not know what you mean.
'I mean that invisible line you've drawn in your mind between a real marriage and the other is not. I've crossed over, is not it?
-What you are saying makes no sense.
-Of course it does. You made ​​a mental list of rules and regulations for our marriage. I'm supposed to obey your orders without question, and I should stay away from you, except to sleep together, of course. But most important of all is that we should create emotional bonds. I'm not allowed to worry about you, and for our marriage, and our life together. I can not even deal with this ugly caravan becomes warm.
Finally got Alex react. He posed with a brusque gesture glass of wine on the counter.
- I do not want to do a "love nest", that's it! Not a good idea.
-So I have reason, 'she said quietly.
Alex ran a hand through his hair.
'You're a fucking romantic. Sometimes when I see you watching me, I have a feeling that I do not see how I really am, but as you want it to be. That's what you do with this deal ... This legal relationship between us. You'll shape him to suit your ideas.
-It's a marriage, Alex, not just a legal bond. We have made ​​a sacred vow.
- For six months! Do not you understand that I'm worried about you? I try not to hurt protect.
- Protect me? I get it. -Daisy breath. - Accounts that why my birth control pills?
Alex's expression turned cold and distant.
-That does not mean anything.
-At first did not understand why sticking rack kit when always the bottom left. Then I realized that the count on.
-Just making sure that you forgot any, that's all.

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I'm still discovering things that were "lost"

During our last move.
Did you have "professional" movers do any of the trucking for you?
I "lost" a 7.5' high, hand crafted custom walnut and oak bookcase with raised floating end panels and tongue n' groove shelving. I tried to get an estimate to have remade. I was quoted $7k.
I also "lost" a restored deco solid brass floor lamp (all I have left is the handmade silk shade), two 30 year old solid brass Stiffle candlestick table lamps, two classical realist paintings (one turned up on Ebaylast year - the seller got it at an estate auction in the area I had moved from)

2011-01-14 15:17:42 by GenElec

Not much help

An outlet tester won't tell you why an outlet isn't working. The advice from the Home Depot employee isn't helpful either. How are you supposed to find a "loose or disconnected wire" when the wires are in the walls?
Start with the "switched outlet" hypothesis. Some houses have switched outlets in living rooms and bedrooms to turn on floor or desk lamps with a wall switch. In that case, one half of a duplex outlet is switched, the other side is always on. This really sounds like your situation. But there should be other outlets which are not switched, on kitchen countertops for example

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Light up your life  — Morgan Hill Times
Brass is making a comeback in lighting and accessories. Choose pieces that offer .. Ambient lighting can be ceiling-mounted or recessed fixtures that direct light downward, wall sconces or floor-lamp torchieres that wash the walls with light.

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Kichler Lighting 76102 Pressick 69-Inch Portable Torchiere, Aged Brass with Champagne Alabaster Glass
Home Improvement (Kichler Lighting)
  • 69-Inch overall fixture height
  • Floor dimmer control with power limiting device
  • Includes champagne alabaster glass shade
  • Listed to UL/CSA/ETL standards for dry location use
  • Coordinates with entire Pressick collection
NEW - Incandescent 3-Level Torchiere, Alabaster Shade, Antique Brass Finish, 68-1/2" - L9003
Home (Ledu)
  • 149

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