Brass Floor Lamps Sale

Pair of lamps mid-century brass.They carry the entire electrical system with a brand new brass bulb holder allow the placement of almost any type of display.Sold together or separately with or without screens.

The upper screens measuring 30 cms in diameter.Perhaps would be better with screens 25 diameter. More screens on sale here

So are no screens.

and so with other screens are different (also available. consult us)

Material:Brass.Animal print fabric screen with plastic interior.

42 cms de alto (incluyento pantallas) y 30 cms de diámetro. Size: 42 cm high (incluyento screens) and 30 cm in diameter.

Como se ve en las fotos,es decir,las pantallas nuevas a estrenar y las bases metálicas tienen una ligera pátina que les sienta de maravilla. Status: As seen in the pictures,ie brand new screens and metal bases have a slight patina that looks great on them.The entire electrical system and wiring brand new.

: 108€/pareja (sin pantallas); 228€/pantallas superiores + 7, 5€ gastos de envío (mensajería 24 horas en España peninsular; Asturias,gratis) Price: € 108 / couple (no screens) € 228 / € +7.5 upper screens postage (courier 24 hours in peninsular Spain,Asturias,free)

2008-05-01 19:48:04 by bullnutz

Beach genies.

A man was walking on the beach and tripped over something in the sand. He picked up the item and found it was an old oil lamp. He brushed it off and not one but two genies materialized. They spoke to him telepathically and told him to go home and his wishes will be granted if he threw the lamp back into the ocean. So he did just that and when he walked into his living room it was lined floor to ceiling with all the riches he could ever spend. When he walked into his bedroom there was a blond, redhead and brunette all sexy as could ever be all naked and all coxing him to bed them all together, as he was taking off his clothes and walking to the bed, two masked men jumped out of the closet

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