Funky Black Floor Lamps

Inspiration for Your Contemporary Living Area: Black Rug And

Floor lamps: modern, practical and affordable Check out our floor lamps. We have them in many sizes, materials and styles: Contemporary floor lamps and contemporary, classical, etc.. In Sweden the winters are long and dark. Maybe that's why we love design lamps and lighting solutions for homes. You'll find a wide range from simple lamps, which offer a beautiful background general lighting until reading floor lamps with LED lighting and stand with adjustable arms so you can direct the light beam towards the sofa , for example . Many leading integrated dimmer you choose the environment you want to create. And all with the best value.

Complement your floor lamp Many of our floor lamps are part of series, so you can get other lamps that combine to perfection, as table lamps or ceiling. Check out ORGEL lighting series or IKEA 365 +, for example. We also have all kinds of products for home decoration which can match with different floor lamps that we offer: Contemporary floor lamps, reading, with articulated arm and LED lighting. Many come with dimmer for you decide the amount of light needed at all times. When buying floor lamps or other check if the bulb is included. If not, you can buy it at IKEA.

New Creative Design Funky Page Lamp Graffiti Poster LED Lamp Table Desk Floor Mood Light Calendar Page Lamp
Lighting ()
  • Made of quality PVC ,durable
  • Size: 10.4 x 6.7 / 26.5 x 17cm
  • Comes with white and red lamp shades
  • Flip the pages to suit different moods
  • Powered by USB(USB cable included)
2006-04-03 16:24:11 by anyonehelp

Fixing a halogen floor lamp...

I am just trying to fix two halogen lamps, just want to save money...
one is in my study room, everything was fine, but the light bulb went out so I replaced with a new one. but then I don't know why, when I turn it on for 20 minutes, it will go off by itself. Is it overheated???
The other one is in my living room, I tooked out the light bulb and I found that one end of the light bulb was black like it was burned... and I found that the connectors that touching the light bulb was very black too, so is it possible to find the connectors and replace it? or should I just throw

2005-09-23 18:04:10 by MetriRN

We're in Cleveland Heights

The best things we have is a set of maple Early Åmerican casual chairs, one is a rocker. Also an oriental style black lacquer desk with wood inlay on top, a couple of nice floor lamps, some good quality oak occasional tables with some water stain damage to the top veneer (doilies rock! lol). The rest is household stuff, office furniture, and misc. household items.
I think the weather is supposed to be OK now, too, which is great!!

2004-10-26 19:43:51 by deborah

I have a large studio (very long post)

But here's some suggestions. Visit Ikea. They have small rooms with samples of their furniture. You'll get some ideas. You need to really scale down your furniture. I have a wall unit with doors and drawers that holds my tv, books, and linens. You can close the doors and you cannot see anything inside (Ikea). You can get a tv that hangs on the wall. They also have great table lamps.
On another wall a tall skinny shelving unit for books.
I bought a double bed box springs and mattress. It fits in a corner and sits right on the floor. But, the box springs are very tall

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