Floor Lamps Black Finish

A promising start

The interior architecture forms the backdrop against which furniture,and accessories will live.So it needs to be well orchestrated to accept different styles of decor and avoid future regrets.

The value of good design

As there are many paths to follow,it is best to have a guide."The simplest way to avoid mistakes is to hire a professional and make an interior design that considers the needs of residents and possible solutions for each environment.It guides the acquisition of finishes and still results in a more rational work "teaches interior designer Roberto Negrete.

What decisions you need to take first

1.Order a interior design or,at least,define the distribution of furniture and electronic equipment.This is crucial to establish whether the electrical points are in the right places.

2.Plaster lining: yes or no?As the service is a lot of dirt,must be the first. The feature gives freedom to the lighting design,but steals 15 cm from the ceiling,which should add,in order,at least 2, 40 m.

3.Check the height of the subfloor before choosing flooring.The floor must have elected thickness compatible with the existing range.There are rolled from 10 mm to 2.5 cm floors.

4.Investing in a woodworking project makes all the difference for those who want to leave everything in place.Tailored to take advantage of every corner of kitchen,living room or bedroom is larger.

5.Check the metal kitchen and bathrooms.If the parts delivered by the builder not pleasing,a trick is to keep records and only change the neutral sink faucet,for example,by a more showy.

  1. Predict the recessed lighting is a key step.Here,the lamps minidicroicas (Wall Lamps) follow the line of the wall,which in the future will receive the artwork.
  2. Thanks to the layout of the furniture,which has been preset,the Diesel Rock Pendant (Lumini) coincides exactly with the center of the dining table tulip.
  3. With the decoration has advanced,this project shows correct choices: neutral base and lighting linked to the distribution of furniture.

The finishes are your choice

Homebuilders often deliver social area of ​​apartments in new subfloor and you have to cover it with a floor that give the place the value it deserves,as well as being durable.Search for reference photos,visit showrooms and put everything on pencil tip.While wood and marble options are more noble (and more expensive),you can get great effects,the costs more affordable,with porcelain,tecnocimento,cement slabs and laminated."Remember that the floor will need the tailpiece a footer to disguise imperfections and contributes to the visual, " says architect Maicon Antoniolli."If it was not an architect and received my apartment at ground zero,would opt for neutral materials,which to dialogue with each other without interfering with the decor.Especially because it can change over time,"says Antoniolli.The market is full of good and beautiful coats.But the consensus among professionals that it is best to choose a few of them and use them cohesively throughout the project: it produces a visual unity. Is not it nice when it seems like you're in another house every time you go from one environment to another.

Park Madison Lighting PMF-9170-31 72-Inch Tall 150-Watt Torchiere Floor Lamp with Adjustable Reading Side Arm Lamp, Black Finish with Frosted Shade
Home Improvement (Samar Distribution)
  • Incandescent torchiere floor lamp with adjustable side arm reading lamp and frosted shades; 11-Inch diameter, 72-Inch tall
  • Black finish
  • Contemporary design
  • 3 way switch, 150-watt capacity plus 60-watt side arm reading lamp; Not CA compliant
  • UL listed, uses a 3 way 50-100-150-watt or a CFL26-watt bulb, plus a 60-watt bulb or a CFL 13-watt bulb; bulb not included
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You need a rug

A large rug.
If you can't afford something big and colorful that you like, then buy a cheap black one.
Black looks classy even when it's inexpensive.
You need bigger art on your walls.
Put up some long black shelves or large black frames. you can find good deals on art on craigslist arts/crafts for sale.
also try a couple of floor lamps

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Boston Harbor Boston Harbor 65-inch Tall Incandescent Tree Floor Lamp with Fully Adjustable Shades and Oversized Turn Knob Switch, Black Finish
Home Improvement (Boston Harbor)
  • Easy to assemble, complete instructions included.
  • Spotlights rotate 350 degrees and pivot 45 degrees for optimum light placement.
  • Individual On/Off rotary switch for each light.
  • Uses 3, 60-watt maximum A19 incandescent bulbs (NOT INCLUDED).

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