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Stehleuchten an der Couch für einen gemütlichen Fernsehabend For millions of households in this country there after work nothing more relaxing than doing it alone or with the family watching TV comfortably. In addition to a comfortable bed and some treats an essential element for a rounded viewing pleasure to be forgotten, however. Many viewers underestimate the importance of having a proper room lighting not only in the vicinity of the TV. Even when working on a computer, and many other activities, the importance of a flickering light is not bright and often supports, which can be implemented on floor lamps particularly practical and handy.

What advantages does the floor lamp in the living room

Basically, the human eye tired very quickly if it is constantly exposed to a rapid and regular flickering light source such as the television. It is all the more important to erect a further light source as a contrast to television, what floor lamps are particularly well suited to its practical shape. Directly placed next to the couch, they become an aesthetic element in interior design and help to create a homely atmosphere. Contemporary floor lamps consist of two lamps - a diffuse ceiling light (usually based on halogen) and a spot. With the ceiling light is a light brought into the living room, which serves as a contrast to the TV light. Through the spot, however, the possibility arises to specifically illuminate a point near the couch, and so, for example, still take advantage of the TV experience with a practical light for reading.

Discover the right floor lamps according to their own ideas

The selection of modern floor lamps includes numerous styles, sizes and materials. When buying such a light, it is therefore important to many people to have access to a huge range and so most likely to find a suitable model individually. Especially worthwhile is in this respect, the look on the internet, an online store like holds hundreds of lighting ideas ready to go far beyond the classic floor lamp. You can learn more by pay the website a visit and find out on low-cost base how to cases living room and other rooms of your home into the right light.

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Woods Woods 32555 Outdoor Remote Control Outlet Converter Kit
Home Improvement (Woods)
  • Control your outdoor security lights and holiday decorations from inside your home or car
  • Remote unit easily fits glove box, purse or attaches to keychain
  • Key chain remote includes battery and has 60 foot frequency range
  • Weatherproof base with 6” - 16-3 grounded cord easy to install… just plug it in
  • 125-Volt, 13 Amp, 1625W Resistive / 8 Amp, 1W Tungsten
DiCon Lighting Touch Control LED Mood Light
Musical Instruments (DiCon Lighting)
  • The LUNE can be set to automatically change colors or shine a bright (dimmable) solid color. INCLUDES A BONUS HIPE MOTION SENSOR LIGHT
  • Choose between Two continuous color changing modes and 7 preset colors: red, yellow, green, teal, blue, magenta and white
  • Single touch control interface allows you to change colors and modes intensity, with merely a tap of your hand on the touch pad
  • Features a modern ring silhouette with a rotatable top so that the light can be angled to a variety of position to brighten the exact spot you prefer
  • Works with Dense Matrix LED Technology that compacts several LEDs into a small, singular array, giving you a high-powered, compact, brilliant light with extreme...
Upgradelights Replacement Glass Bankers Lamp Shade Green
Home Improvement (Upgradelights)
  • Bankers glass shade replacement
  • Cased white inside
  • holes drilled each end
  • Upgradelights Quality
TaoTronics® TaoTronics® TT-GL05 90W UFO LED Grow Lights Panel For Plant Germinating Growing Flowing Seeding Red Blue Orange 7:1:1 (45*3W, 135W Theoretically)
Lawn & Patio (TaoTronics®)
  • Fast growth - big blooms, buds and flowers
  • Up to 80% energy savings vs. Metal Halide & HPS grow lights
  • Suitable for all stages of growth. Seed to flower to fruit
  • Three, thermostatically-controlled, low-noise fans: Minimal heat to keep your plants from burning
  • Color: Red/blue/orange(620-630nm RED, 450-460nm Blue, 410-415nm Orange), Ratio:7:1:1(35:5:5pcs)

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