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October 28, 2010 | Author: admin

Article and photos by Marcus Pollard, Australia

Translated by Romo Sabina, Italy

All rights reserved


If you have followed the rise of the Save The Gouldian Fund since its foundation in the beautiful wild reserve of Mornington AWC then you're probably curious to know how the work is progressing to the already mentioned about Gould Research Center in NSW. If so then this is for you!

A wise man once said:

"To save the wild Gould you must know everything about Gould."

This is an attempt to accomplish just that!

Located in the beautiful mountains of Cooranbong in NSW, where the birds calling bell ringing, is the house of the founder of the Gouldian Fund and lover of reoconfesso Gould Mike Fidler. Since they decided to call Australia 's your own house about 4 years ago, Mike and Elisabeth have built a number of rooms and aviaries for birds that Australia had never seen!

The greatest fortune, at least for the Gouldian Finch, was the intervention of Doug Hill, the President of the Finch Society of Australia, who suggested Mike to meet with Dr. Sarah Pryke University of New South Wales South

After the meeting of these two scholars with the same interests, Mike prepared a station on its property to the University research on Sarah Gould.

The layout:

Much has been written about Mike's personal aviaries and have distinguished themselves in many magazines of poultry but little has been seen of the current Research Facilities and this is our attempt to rectify that mistake!

The first of the two research buildings measuring 9 X 11 m and this is divided into 5 aviaries.

Each aviary is 6 m in length and 2 m deep and varies in height from 1.75 m to the front until 3 am on behind. One of the reasons of this slope is to facilitate experiments on hierarchies predominant, as dominant birds tend to patrol the highest point dell'aviario. Each aviary also has a number of perches and nest boxes placed along a vertical gradient (from bottom to top), again to facilitate research on dominance.

The results of the first research on the Dr.Pryke hierarchies among the three predominant colors of the head of Gould can be seen on and this is the first scientific work to be completed to 'Plant Research.

Each avian has a infrared lamp of 100 watts suspended from the ceiling that is approximately 35 cm from the floor. This idea was borrowed from Eelco Meyjesdal from South Africa, is provided as a source of heat for the new young fledged and is also perfectly suited for all sick birds in the aviary. In the cool morning is easy to see many of the inhabitants dell'aviario accommodated under the lamp warm up for the day's activities.

This section of the center is being used for ongoing research on the behavior of Gould. This includes the answer to the questions: red heads are better parents of black heads? because red heads dominate others? red heads are most successful when they are in a group with other red heads, or if you are together with black heads or yellow? the phenomenon of imprinting is about the color of the head of the parents?

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