Floor Lamps UK Antique

There are many large and small lights at home.
Shawn is very particular about lighting, do not like the white fluorescent, do not like direct light,
So most of our house lights are yellow sheen, all kinds of table lamps and floor lamps staggered forward. ★ come in our house is hard not to notice that this lamp in the living room corner big black chandelier. Ireland come from this lamp, all metal, super heavy. It seems mundane, just a little light bulb from the metal shade comes out between the dazzling light is really fascinating. Especially at night, light and shadow lines up to the living room the whole gorgeous.

★ antique chandelier restaurant is a British system. With a gentle temperament, light meal time it brings tears to make food look more delicious ~

★ matching side table with a chandelier, as well as an Italian glass table lamps, Karen very fond of these two lamps glass shade, like a lamp-like lines is very beautiful.

★ CD cabinet in front of the black floor lamp is IKEA, it is usually very competent, is Karen's reading lamps.

★ TV cabinet beaded edge lights, feels like Christmas trees, lights, like the Irish, the lamp lights up light very charming.

★ den table lamps is Shawn's favorite NTU Library lights, green glass shade student in a library full of our memories of the book K, let it accompany Shawn seriously hard ~

★ bedroom lights have three, Costco to buy a pair of floor and table lamps, floor lamps together with IKEA's cheap, very simple and ordinary. But the soft light, the whole room is full of comfort.

Warm light, warm home.

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What kind of fabric do I make a lampshade

I have an old lamp and the silk lampshade has fallen apart. I'm going to remove the torn fabric and recover the wire frame with new fabric.
I don't know anything about fabric. Are there any types better or worse for lampshades?
The lamp is an antique floor lamp. I have a good eye for what look I want. I need input into the actual material.

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