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[Decoration, decoration, interior design, interior design, interior design, interior design and decoration, office decoration, decoration companies, interior decoration, interior design company, interior design company, design and decoration, home decoration, decoration design] Editor's Note: In the "Light fitting, re-decoration" is increasingly being mentioned by people when getting home decorations is particularly important, especially in the home fixture, that in the purchase process requires appropriate considerations can do a lot. We take a look at it.

1, select consumer satisfaction or service trusted home market. 2, to shop around for the same style, same brand of goods, from the quality, price, service and other aspects to consider.

3, the shape of modern styling with antique lamps, innovative and practical categories. Chandeliers, wall lamps, ceiling lamps and other fixtures are in accordance 18th century palace evolved, such lamps suitable for space larger social occasions. Modeling chic, modern lamps, such as various spotlights, bull's-eye lights are belong innovation lamps. Normal daylight, writing table lamps, floor lamps, bedside lamps belong to the traditional common lamps. These three lights in the shape of the overall selection should try to pursue serialization.

4, style according to their artistic taste and room condition selection lamps. There are families living in the living room can be more than one use some funky lights, such as trigeminal chandeliers, floral wall lamps, floor lamps and other multi-section rotation. Tight family housing should not be installed too funky lamps, this will increase crowding. Less than 2.8 m storey rooms are not fitted chandeliers, ceiling can only be installed in order to make the room look higher.

5, color light color to obey the whole room colors. In order not to undermine the overall color scheme of the room, be sure to pay attention to the lamp shade, the color of the shell walls, furniture, curtains of color coordination.

6, invoices, contracts must specify the tile name, size, quantity, price, amount.

7, organizers and manufacturers to understand the name, address, contact person, telephone, in order to solve quality problems can contact.

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Pacific Coast Lighting Caspian Table Lamp
Lighting (Pacific Coast Lighting)
  • Dimensions: 27 H x 15 W
  • Shade: Fabric Shade (13 x 15 x 11 )
  • Bulbs: 1 x 100 Watt Medium Base
  • Switch: On-Off
  • Finish: Natural
2009-11-07 12:55:33 by with?

What kind of fabric do I make a lampshade

I have an old lamp and the silk lampshade has fallen apart. I'm going to remove the torn fabric and recover the wire frame with new fabric.
I don't know anything about fabric. Are there any types better or worse for lampshades?
The lamp is an antique floor lamp. I have a good eye for what look I want. I need input into the actual material.

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